11 Must to Do Things in Maldives to Discover the Sunny Side of Life

11 Must to Do Things in Maldives to Discover the Sunny Side of Life

Explore the unique geology of the Indian Ocean at Maldives, a tourist friendly country which is famous for honeymoon goers and adventure seekers, offering absolute leisure services. Here are certain things one must experience here:

1. Spending a Day at the Paradise Island Resort

Paradise Island Resort, a 5-star luxury beach resort also known as Lankanfinolhu is surrounded by astonishing marine life. The lavish resort caters all your needs and offer excellent services for water sports, leisure and authentic sea delicacies to die for. For sports lovers the resort is having basketball and volleyball court, swimming pools, table tennis etc. to cherish the best of Maldives.

2. Go Scuba Diving!

The abundance of Marine life in Maldives makes scuba diving in this country different from others. The best time for diving here is between November-May where you might get to see the best of marine creatures including Turtles, Sharks and fishes you’ve never seen before. Ari Atoll, Vaavu Atoll and North Malé Atoll are the ideal places for scuba diving in Maldives.

3. Discover the islands on a sea plane and submarine ride

Ever imagined how it feels viewing the underwater gardens with colourful display of nature and very rich coral reef? You are most likely to experience this on a submarine ride in Maldives. Also, indulge your soul in the spectacular views of beautiful islands of Maldives by getting a bird’s eye view from a sea-plane. Perhaps, this is the most romantic way to spend your honeymoon!

4. Night fishing and deep-sea fishing

Being surrounded by water, fishing in Maldives is a common practise and many resorts offer services for deep-sea fishing as well as night fishing. A speed boat will take you to a perfect spot before the sunset, and the crew will assist you with the equipment and fishing techniques. So, when in Maldives, fishing is a must!

5. Spending a memorable Honeymoon

Spread across 26 atolls, Maldives is a perfect destination for honeymooners, cruising over the crystal clear water and candle light dinners at exotic beach resorts along with adventures and leisure activities makes this place a perfect honeymoon destination. You and your lover can just sit back and relax here for a week or so, staying away from the daily hustle bustle breaking the monotony.

6. Dolphin Watching

Indian Ocean is perhaps one of the best oceans to witness the Dolphin pods, the spectacular views of the very rich whale and dolphin fauna in Maldives is something which shouldn’t be missed out, especially if you are touring the Maldives during their migration period. Apart from many species of Whales some commonly found Dolphins in this region are Spinner Dolphins, Risso’s dolphin, Common and Indo-Pacific bottle nosed Dolphins.

7. Swimming With Sharks And Manta Rays

Experience the wild predatory life of the Sharks and Manta Ray by swimming along with them, the twisting and turning of Manta Rays is a performance which can’t be missed on this trip. Also, this dive is educational as the qualified instructors also spread awareness about these majestic sea creatures.

8. Malé expedition

The capital city of Maldives, Malé has a distinctive character of its own. The city has a lot to explore within an hour, you can just walk around the city exploring the culture at the Malé market, and visiting the South West Harbour area for interacting with the locals and trying different cuisines. The island is well connected to the Hululhe lagoon and Vilingili which are the tourist hubs.

9. Luxurious stay at a beach house in Iruveli

The Beach House in Iruveli is perhaps one of the most popular places to stay in Maldives, the luxury and hospitality here is of highest order. The supersized beach villas offer spectacular view of the blue water from every angle, and an uninterrupted atmosphere at a private beach here makes this place perfect for the honeymooners.

10. Maldivian massage & spa

Taking the continuous rhythm of the waves at a beach in Maldives along with a soothing massage provides a getaway cocoon from the usual city lives. The masseuse here uses the traditional healing methods with the use of Maldivian virgin coconut oil, to deliver world a class treatment. You may choose your favourite massage locations here, be in underwater, thick vegetation or a wooden jetty near a lagoon.

11. Visiting the national museum

Apart from adventure and leisure activities, the National Museum of Maldives is the most popular tourist hotspots; you will get to see some exclusive Maldivian art and craft, furniture etc. along with coral stone head of Lord Buddha from pre-Islamic era.

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