Top 11 Things you must Do In Andaman Island India

Breathe in an eco-friendly atmosphere surrounded by transparent waters, and wake up to the melodies of nature. Salt in air, sand in the hair will drive you to the spiritual world of nature’s amazing discoveries.
1. Get Your Blood Racing!


Andaman Island offers a great scuba diving experience. The breath-taking coral reef is sure to lead to an unforgettable experience. Have the time of your life with elephant ride and jet-skiing at the Elephant Beach. If you are a daredevil, Havelock Island is the place to challenge the Bear Grylls in you. Hiking and trekking in the sub-tropical forests, and reaching the saddle peak should also feature on your bucket list.

2. Be A Traveller, Not A Tourist!


The historic Cellular Jail also known as Kala-Pani, a preserved tourist hot-spot made by the British in the late 18th century, is one of those places that you just can’t miss. At night, the jail is all illuminated, thanks to the light and sound show. Apart from this, you must also pay a visit to the Anthropological Museum, the Chatham Saw Mill (one of the biggest and oldest in Asia) in Port Blair, and one of the oldest bakeries in Ross Island, inspired by the British architecture, to explore another side of the Andamans.

3. Let your imaginations run wild!


The Andaman island is a home to many plant and animal species covering most of the jungle canopy. The majestic Nicobar Pigeon (see the pic), a bird found specifically on this Island, is the cynosure of photographers and researchers worldwide. Many species of arthropods and mammals share the land with the Nicobar Pigeon. A wide range of flora that includes timber, holy Rudraksha trees and dhoop/resin spreads through the region, surrounded by crystal clear water. Jolly Buoy Island is a journey worth remembering; board a glass bottom boat to witness the beautiful coral life underneath.

4. Remove Your Shoes and Wear A Soul


The transparent blue water that surrounds the island surely makes a tantalising sight. Water sports or a sun-bath can be cherished before high tide. White sand, turquoise blue water and a pleasant atmosphere awaits your presence at the Radhanagar Beach. Neil Island where you’ll find the Sitapur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, and several other beaches named after the characters from Ramayana, Mark Bay Beach, Kaala Pathar Beach and Guitar Island are other natural beauties that you must visit. Other luxuries like steam, sauna and massage can also be experienced at and around these pristine locations.

5. Shop Till You Drop!


No holiday is complete without shopping, especially if you are with family. The markets are crowded and colourful where you will find a variety of tribal handicrafts, sea shells and jute-based goods. Sagarika, MG Road and Port Blair are the places to shop and bargain!

6. Pamper Your Taste Buds!


It’s a heaven for who love to gorge on non-vegetarian delicacies, especially seafood. Restaurants like Fat Martin, Lighthouse Residency, Anju Coco and Corbyn’s Delight offer some mouth-watering options. Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian; there are quite a few options for you as well, including Annapurna and Icy Spicy.

7. Shoot Anything and Everything!


The green and blue landscapes shadowed by the clouds and sunrays portray a beautiful view for the photographers. Andaman has a lot of scenic spots that photographers die for. Viper Island, Ross Island and Mt. Harriet are few such places.

8. Have A Story Worth Telling


Get a chance to know about the Jarawa people, the local tribals of the Andamans. However, interacting with these people or taking photographs is strictly prohibited by the law. In fact, at the Baratang, the law enforcement agents travel along with you to avoid any kind of interference in their solitary lives. Other tribes sharing the Islands are Onge and Sentinelese.

9. Rekindle the Old Flame


Take out some time from your busy schedule and walk barefoot at the beach with your lover. Go down the memory lane and spend some quality time being a sybarite.

10. Break Free Of the Monotony


Chidiyatapu, a soulful sunset point at the beach is an ideal location for bird watching; parakeets, doves and sea eagles are few commonly found bird species present here. You can also go fishing as well. Contact one of the local clubs to grab the fishing gear!

11. Travel Off the Beaten Track


The Union Territory is home to the only active mud-volcano in India. There is another major attraction that you just can’t afford to miss; this one is near the seashore – Lime caves, which go all the way through the protected tribal reserves.

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