Top 19 Things to do in Mauritius in this lifespan

Top 19 Things to do in Mauritius in this lifespan

Mauritius, being one of the most favourite destinations for Indian honeymooners has a lot more than beaches and luxury holidays for you. Here is a list to check out some must to do things here:

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1. Water sports in crystal clear blue water


Mauritius is a paradise for water expeditions like Parasailing, sea-diving, Jet Ski ride, Sea Hover adventure etc. Green tourism here is encouraged and you’ll get a wonderful opportunity to experience Sea Kayaking and Windsurfing. The perfect locations for water sports here are Grand Baie, Île aux Cerfs and Belle Mare.

2. Snooping Around At The Curious Corner Of Chamarel

Well, this place is extremely popular in Mauritius, the mind boggling interior designing and architecture will make you wonder if it’s real or just an illusion. This gallery is located just opposite to seven coloured earths, and paying a visit here is highly recommended.

3. Stand-Up Paddling in Blue Bay Marine Park

In South-East of Mauritius is the Blue Bay Lagoon with stunning blue and turquoise water having incredible flora & fauna. At the Blue Bay Marine Park, you’ll get a Hawaii like feeling with so many adventure activities for both children and adults. The highly rated recreational activities here are the SUP (Stand-Up Paddling) and a glass-bottom boat ride which can’t me missed out!

4. Tandem Skydiving

Well, who wouldn’t want to fly 10,000ft above the blue Indian Ocean like a free bird? This once in a lifetime Experience at the Sugar Fields of Mon Loisir will thrill you with the adrenaline rush and astonishing bird’s eye view of the beautiful Mauritius islands, mountains and stunning lagoons.

5. Full Day Hike At The Tamarin Waterfalls

The South-West of Mauritius has quite a lot in store for you. The eleven waterfalls Falls at Rivière Tamarin (the largest lake of Mauritius) delivers a scenic view of Le Morne Mountain. A hiking expedition along with picnic will make your trip worthwhile at these unspoilt natural spots.

6. Romantic Walks At The Flic-En-Flac Beach

Just like its whimsical name, Flic-en-flac beach at Riviere Noire district of Mauritius is a busy and very happening tourist place. A barefooted evening walk with your spouse on the white sands will make the evening more romantic. Here in Mauritius, Flic-en-flac beach serves as the best location for surfing and trying different cuisines at any of the sea facing palate-pleasing restaurants.

7. Go Wild At The Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park

Take a guided tour of the Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park, where you’ll encounter with many species of Mauritian mammals and reptiles. Giant tortoises and Nile crocodiles here give quite a sight full of excitement for the children. Rare species of Butterflies and over 23,000 species of insects are also found in this park.

8. Spending a day at Vallée des Couleurs

A visit to Vallée des Couleurs will delight you will with gorgeous view of green valleys, plateaus and waterfalls. The most popular attraction here is the multi-coloured earth, whereas the Anthuriums, Deer Park and Prawn Pond will deliver pleasure to all your senses.

9. Scuba & snorkelling

If Scuba Diving is your passion, then you are most likely to experience the best of it in Mauritius. The wondrous world of the amazing diving sites with experienced divers here will be quite a social media update for you. The extremely clean water and gorgeous looking sea creatures are must to check out.

10. Boats and cruises

Boating or Cruising in the deep blue sea is always fun, especially if you have a fishing rod along with you. You can take services from any of the boating company and go out in the ocean to seek some natural calmness that East coast of Mauritius has to offers. An Exotic massage or a cocktail party will garnish the trip.

11. Visiting the Mauritius National Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses

Not so far from the capital Port Louis in the district of Pamplemousses, the Mauritius National Botanical Garden attracts a plethora of tourists from all over the world. The garden has a large number of plant species including the ineluctable Giant Water Lilies, Baobabs and the Palmier Bouteille. A guided tour will is suggested to explore the best locations of the park.

12. Factory Tour In La Route Du Sel & Rhumerie De Chamarel

Your trip to Mauritius can also get educational by paying a short visit to La Route Du Sel which is factory where you’ll get to see how the salt is traditionally harvested from see water. Don’t forget to check out souvenir shops to buy some flavoured salt. There is another such place at the South-West of Mauritius, known as Rhumerie de Chamarel, the rum distilary has a circumference of sugarcane plantations giving a wonderful sight. Tourist hotspot here is the L’Alchimiste restaurant which can’t be missed out!

13. Safari Adventure On A Segway

A short Segway ride at the Yemen Natural Reserve Park will give you a feel of African safari where you will find yourself face to face with Zebras, Ostriches, Giraffes, Elephants and even the Big Cats. Children can also enjoy and educate themselves about the animals at the petting farm while you can walk through the aviary and witness some exotic bird species from all around the word.

14. Quality Time At Domaine De L’etoile

This eco-playground with rich ebony and cinnamon trees has a lot of sporting activities to look out for, quad biking, hiking and biking trail at the bamboo mountain being the most popular ones. Apart from the adventure, children can have an absolute riot time doing zipping and kart racing at the children’s village. Also, don’t forget to carry a camera!

15. Swimming With Dolphins And Whale Watching

Spending honeymoon along with Whale sightings in their aquatic habitat are once in a lifetime experiences for sure. Also, plunge yourself into the experience of swimming along with the Dolphins in their natural environment to make your Mauritius trip worth sharing.

16. Witness The Religious Rejoicings At The Ganga Talao

Seek blessing of Lord Shiva at the very popular Ganga Talao in Savanne district of Mauritius, the 33mtr tall Shiva statue here makes this place the most popular pilgrimage centre for Mauritian Hindus. The best time to visit here is during Mahashivratri festival.

17. Discovering The Eureka House

A guided tour of the Eureka House which is actually a museum located by a river, followed by a stroll at the English-style garden and a traditional Mauritian lunch will make this trip worthwhile. The waterfall view and coo-cooing birds will give quite an opportunity for photography whereas the souvenir shops at the museum have many options for you to shop for family and friends back home.

18. Trou aux Cerfs

The circumference of the extinct volcano is an ideal place for joggers and walkers, whereas the panoramic views of the lush green African forest from Trou aux Cerfs make this place a must to add in your bucket list.

19. Witness the sublime beauty of nature at Black River Gorges National Park

The biggest national park of Mauritius is a home to commonly found Macaque Monkeys, Curious Deer and other mammals, the national park is also a breeding ground for endangered bird species like Mauritius kestrel, Echo Parakeet and the Pink Pigeon. Along with bird watching and nature walks, capturing the waterfall and swimming in the flowing river adds more fun to the journey.

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