Top 10 Tips to Buy International Air Tickets

We know this. You are busy and your time is valuable. When you want to buy international air tickets, you want the best possible cheapest flights fare. These tips will help you.


1. If traveling around the world, purchase a round the world air tickets. There are also other discount fares such as Circle Pacific and Air Passes offered by certain carriers.

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2. Do not go for lowest fares only. Airlines have several restrictions on these fares. Understand your needs like Date, Time, Destination , How many stop overs.


3. Best time to buy international air tickets is between five months and one month before departure.


4. A big mistake many people make is to delay shopping for international air tickets until the last minute, which is when the business traveler comes and ready to pay steeper prices. The best time to book a flight is sooner rather than later.


5. Always try to shop for one passenger at a time. When booking travel for two or more passengers shop one passenger at a time. This is because airlines reservation system require that when multiple tickets are sold in a single transaction those tickets must be the same price. So if you shop for two passengers and there is one ticket for Rs 10,000/- but many tickets for Rs 11,000/- you will pay Rs 11,000 /- for every ticket.

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6. Airlines typically don’t offer upgrades if you bought the cheapest fare listed. Your best bet is to contact the carrier or a travel agent and ask about fares that are upgradeable, if that’s something you want.


7. Look for pricing mistakes. Sites like Skoovy offer a way to search for pricing mistakes of which you can take advantage.


8. Shop around! Compare prices among the airlines, travel agents, online booking sites, and consolidators — don’t rely on one method of purchase.


9. Knowing when to go can matter just as much as when to buy. Because the most important factor that influences the price of a particular flight is how full that flight is , it makes sense that travel during holidays, spring break , thanks giving or Christmas time would be more expensive than normal.


10. If you prefer flying first class, you can save money by purchasing a business class ticket instead if available. Both first-class and business class sit in the same front section, eat the same meals and are treated exactly the same, yet business class is often half the fare of first-class — go for this.

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    Your tips deem to be quite helpfull. Thanks
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    Thanks Mr Rajesh Narula
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    well you are issuing me my my friends tickets since long, these tips will be great help to us.

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