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Q.Do I need to pay any registeration fee to become agent of this B2b Portal?
Ans. : No. We offer the registeration on the Portal to travel agencies absolutely free of cost.

Q. Do you pay travel agents commission for bookings made on this B2B Portal?
Ans. : Yes this all depends on the airline you book some are nett & non comm.and some are commissionable to you.For updations see deals on front page.Commissions may very in case of credit and deals are only for bonafide travel agents without prior notice .

Q. Can I use this site immediately?
Ans. : No, travel agents must register with us before they start using this site.To register please see home page ‘became a new agent.

Q. How do I receive my agency ID?
Ans. : You will receive your agency Login ID and Password once you have completed the registration form, found by clicking on the ‘New Agent’ link on our homepage. Once you have registered your agency you will receive an email providing this Login ID and Password and confirming your registration. This will be sent to the email address and on your mobile no by sms you provided on the registration form. You will need to use your agency Login ID and Password every time you or a member of your staff signs onto the website.It is highly recomended to rechange your password after registration and time to time.

Q. Is there anyone taking care of the bookings I make?
Ans. : Our systems are mostly automated; our Customer service representatives are monitoring your bookings. Our customer service team is also happy to assist with any queries that you may have. For our contact details please click ‘ Contact Us ‘.

Q. How GALOnline is different from other online Portal?
Ans. : GAL Online is the B2B portal who has almost all the functionality which generally require by an agent.

Q. Do I need to confirm my reservation before fly?
Ans. : No, you don’t. Only for Middle east sector, you have to take call to the airline for OK to Board Message.

Q. Can a travel agency issue our own Airtickets printout or Hotel vouchers?
Ans. : Yes you can issue airticket with your own logo and address and similar in hotel conformation voucher in the name of your own company.

Q. Can i make a group booking?
Ans. : For bookings that are for 10 or more persons, use the group query form at home page.Deals and fares are separate for group booking kindly confirm before booking.

Q. Whose details do we enter in the Customer Name?
Ans. : Enter your lead client / guest First name and last name .

Q. How much is cancellation charges for airticket book on the Portal?
Ans. : The cancellation charges depend on the airline, sector, class of booking, and time of cancellation.policy as per airlines and transaction fees will not be refundable.

Q. How do I cancel the flights?
Ans. : You have to put a request on the GAL online Portal. There is a option of Reschedule / Cancel Request change under the report queue on the respective PNR. You have to click on Reschedule / Cancel request and put a remark in case of reschedule etc.

Q. How do I get the boarding pass?
Ans. : You have to show the E-ticket along with the Positive Identification at the time of check in.

Q. I need more assistance, who can help me?
Ans. : Our Customer service team is more than happy to give you further assistance.

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